Learning about the perks of a content marketing strategy sadly wouldn’t automatically make “all” content marketing strategies work. After all, not all businesses and industries have the same set of goals that demand the “one true universal strategy.” It’s this reality that makes it quite a bit challenging to make a strategy that works for your needs, but today we’ll try just that. Just what makes a content marketing strategy good?

It might be important to first understand why there’s a need to focus on content marketing first. Key Difference Media numbers indicate that 78-percent of consumers believe that brands with their own original content appear invested in forming good relationships with customers. It might be this interest that makes 57-percent of marketers focused on creating custom content, as Dragon Search Marketing data do indicate that 61-percent of customers’ buying decisions are likely influenced by what this content says. Given how much of an impact content can make, how do you make sure your content marketing strategy can produce this kind of content?

  • Your brand growth is apparent and clear. When we talk of a “good” content marketing strategy, a lot of people may refer you to various technical aspects of content marketing, such as metrics – which is really a good way to measure success. However, a “good” content marketing strategy should first and foremost be clear about your growth as a brand, and is geared towards as such.


brand growth is apparent and clear-Good content Marketing strategy

    • If you get yourself good returns but towards a trajectory you don’t want your site to head towards, then the marketing strategy didn’t exactly work. For instance, if your shoe service gets known as a sports website, then while you were marketed, it’s not for your primary objective.
    • If your vision for your brand is slowly being actualized, then your strategy is working. This takes time to achieve, and this depends on the “vision” in question. However, take for instance Buzzfeed which pegs itself as an entertaining and jolly website filled with knick-knacks for the bored reader, or The New York Times that stylized itself as a classic newspaper you can read online. Both websites may have different goals, but their content marketing strategy helped realize these impressions from readers.
  • Your content helps make smart decisions – and they involve your brand. A lot of content in various niches are sometimes geared to encourage audiences to prefer a particular brand, service, or product, perhaps even those of the site in question. An effective content marketing strategy allows you not only to provide informative and entertaining content to readers, but to actually help them decide towards solving their problems through the help of your brand, product, or service.


content helps make smart decisions -good marketing

    • A key reason why you’ve entered your market today is because you’re likely to have a service you want to showcase to others, especially when it comes to solving a particular problem your customers have. If you get to the point that your content is actually convincing readers to use your service (and therefore increase sales), then your strategy is likely working.
    • Publications do this mostly through providing both premium and free content. Readers of New Scientist will know the publication to be a reliable source of well-documented science news, and they have a ton of premium content exploring topics that are enticing and inviting – and are tempting enough for some to even buy the premium purchase.
  • You actively involve your social media operations. When it comes to SEO and content marketing, your website is not enough to fully support your desires to rank in search engines and be popular to your reader-base. After all, a lot of networking and connections also happen in social media, and getting yourself out there can be done much more efficiently if you use the depth and breadth of social media to your advantage.


Good marketing strategy-active in social media

    • If your content marketing strategy seamlessly integrates social media releases with your content releases, then you’re likely going to get yourself better traffic. An active social media presence can improve brand perception as well.
    • Despite the lack of actual content releases, Wendy’s rather unique take on content marketing (take note, sassy take) has earned it quite a reputation last 2017. While its social media manager retired late that year, Wendy’s did get a big boost in brand recognition.


The Takeaway: Immersion, Engagement Matters

Like with any digital marketing medium, content marketing relies heavily on how well you know your brand, and what exactly you’re aiming to achieve with it. After all, not having a proper grasp of what your brand entails wouldn’t give your strategy the focal point it needs. Perhaps the most important aspect of a content marketing strategy is how you make it blend immersion and engagement through your brand’s objective – the clearer your goals are, the likelier it is for you to make a strategy that works towards that goal.




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