If you’ve ever been to a social event, chances are you will be offered alcohol. If you’ve been a bit tipsy at times with family and friends, you know how sometimes alcohol can bring you to a relaxed state that can make these events a good way for you to unwind after a long week or month’s worth of work. While alcohol, when consumed in moderation, can certainly be beneficial, too much alcohol consumption can be detrimental to your health. This is especially true if you’ve developed a habit of driving yourself home after parties as driving while intoxicated isn’t just illegal, it poses a lot of dangers to your health as well. Here are the negative effects of alcohol to driving and your health.

According to WebMD, assessing just how exactly can alcohol harm your health depends on individual circumstances. Every body is geared to handle alcohol differently, especially since everyone has different dispositions, body conditions, and external factors that affect alcohol’s influence on a person. However, common effects of alcohol to health are:

Alcohol can affect cognitive functions of the body. When in the bloodstream, alcohol can affect the various communication pathways of the brain, which can then alter the way it works. Even if this happens temporarily, its effects in the real world are catastrophic. Aside from mood swings and behavior changes, disruptions to the brain’s daily functions can severely impair your ability to focus, think, and move properly.


  • Alcohol can be dangerous to your heart. This especially if you’ve been drinking for a long time. Diseases of the heart associated with alcohol include high blood pressure, stroke, arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat, and cardiomyopathy or the stretching of heart muscle.


  • Alcohol can destroy the liver as well. Heavy drinking affects the liver on a wide scale as the liver filters the body of toxins. If too much alcohol is consumed, it can cause pancreatitis or an inflammation of blood vessels located in the pancreas that can prevent you to digest food properly.


  • Alcohol can cause cancer. When you consume too much alcohol, you develop the risks of developing cancer for certain body parts. These include the breast, liver, throat, esophagus, and mouth.


  • Alcohol can drastically affect your immune system. If you drink too much alcohol, your body becomes a much more viable target for diseases. This is because it’s been found that drinking even for a single event can slow down the body’s capacity to protect itself from infections, leaving you potentially open to diseases.


When combined, the above effects can actually pose a dangerous threat to your health and safety, even beyond the party itself. If you drink too much, the long-term consequences of alcohol consumption, especially if its consumption becomes abusive, can become catastrophic for you.



Inasmuch as alcohol as a substance is fun to consume with the right crowd, drinking in moderation and responsibly still tops the list of things to do to make a social event with alcohol more meaningful. Understanding the negative effects of alcohol to driving and your health and making a conscious effort to avoid drunk driving can potentially save your life and of others’ in the future. Click here to learn more about the implications of accidents while driving under the influence to learn more.