When you work out, chances are you’ll want to exert a bit more stress to your muscles every now and then for maximum impact. After all, how else will your muscles get trained if you don’t get them challenged every now and then, right? Unfortunately, sometimes these little over exertions, coupled with the wrong form and external factors can become injuries that can cause quite a bit of inconvenience for you. Here are some of the most common injuries you should avoid:


  • Wrist sprain and dislocation is quite a common injury as there are a lot of ligaments inside the wrist that can be torn or stretched. This occurs if you forcefully bend your wrist, which can happen if you outstretch your hand and fall on it, or if you twist your wrist too hard during an exercise.


  • Tendinitis is another common injury that describes an inflamed tendon, which is a result of being overused. Sometimes, this also happens if you have a rheumatic disease or an infection. However, given that tendons are thick cords that help attach bone to muscle, having tendinitis can greatly hinder your ability to perform workouts properly.


  • Shin splints occur if bone tissue, tendons, and/or muscles around your shin or the tibia are inflamed. This is normally caused by exerting too much force on your shin that the bone experiences too much pressure because of the muscles surrounding it.


  • Knee injuries are common situations that happen to people who work out, primarily due to improper form when performing exercises requiring knee participation. Sometimes strains, sprains, and other forms of damage happen to the knee because of the tendons and ligaments that support the kneecaps.


  • Shoulder injuries, regardless of its forms, can occur during exercise because of overexertion or even improper form. For instance, repetitive motion with the shoulders with improper form can damage muscles, tendons, and joints to the point of swelling and irritation.


  • Sprained ankles are also common injuries that can occur when working out, especially when you perform exercises concerning the legs and feet with improper form or overexertion. Landing on your feet or twisting them the wrong way can exert too much pressure and strain on muscles in your feet so that your ankles may be damaged.


  • Muscle strain and pull are also extremely common injuries that occur when you exert too much force on your muscles to the point of uncomfortability. Unfortunately, when you do this repetitively, the muscles and tendons that support various parts of your body can be inflamed or swell.

According to WebMD, one of the most important aspects of making sure you’re avoiding workout risks isn’t just to make sure you have adequate rest and diet, but to ensure you get yourself checked properly. If you’re a male over the age of 45 or a woman over the age of 55, then it’s best to consult a health professional first before tackling any workout routine to avoid workout accidents and injuries.


If you’re into working out, knowing the most common workout injuries explained avoid above can potentially save you from a few weeks’ off recovery because of a pulled muscle or a bad injury. Understanding how these injuries work, no matter how unrelated the body part is to your routine, can greatly help you be more aware of your body’s limitations and become more careful with how you perform your exercises. Click here to know more about the types of injury you can get throughout your life and what your legal options are when they happen to you.