Ensuring your safety when driving an average-sized car is hard enough, and even more so if you’re a trucker who is responsible for driving a large vehicle and navigating it in the middle of the road?

Health proves to be challenging to maintain for truckers given the destructive eating habits they have. Sure, it’s easy to go to a nearby truck stop and grab a few doughnuts or hotdogs, but those don’t give your body the nutrients it needs. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, therefore, is a challenge to many, including you as a truck driver.

Don’t worry though; we’ve identified some tips you can practice to eat healthily while at work.

1.) Set An Eating Schedule

Ask five persons the desired number of meals one should have in a day, and you’ll get a unanimous answer of three. We’ve been taught that having three meals a day is the ideal, and while this is generally true, it doesn’t apply to many others including truckers. It’s tempting to eat big meals three times a day allowing you to consume maximum amounts of calories in a minimum amount of time, but this is not the best choice for truckers.

Because of the inconsistent working schedules of truck drivers, it is advisable to have small, frequent meals. You can aim to consume five or six small meals and arrange them in your schedule. Aside from preventing hunger, doing so allows your body to receive a continuous supply of nutrients and metabolize food frequently. 

2.) Make Your Own Meals

Truck drivers often don’t have access to affordable healthy food; that’s why they resort to ones that are high in sugar content and low in nutrients. Food offered in truck stops are mostly soda, donuts, and candy bars, not to mention the high-calorie offerings of many restaurants. Sure, there are healthy foods on display, but most often than not, they’re priced expensively.

So in this world filled with food of high-calorie high-sugar content, how do truckers survive? One tip is to pack your meals for the day. Another is to purchase a mini oven and cooling container. During your rest day, you can prepare your food and store them in portion-sized packages in the cooler. When you’re on the road, you can pull over somewhere safe, plug your oven into the cigarette lighter of the truck, and heat your healthy food.

Additionally, you can store other healthy snacks such as fruits, raisins, and protein bars in the cooler. Not only does this save you hundreds of dollars, but it also allows you to control your food choices and eat healthily.

3.) Start The Day Right

We live in a fast-paced society, and here and there, your work might demand excessively from you. You might think 24 hours is not enough to meet your targets, get rest, and follow healthy eating habits. You probably skipped breakfast today or ate candy bars. While breakfast to truckers doesn’t necessarily mean a meal in the morning due to their shifting schedules, it should always be a part of the routine. An eating plan that starts with breakfast is on the right track because it provides the body energy to get the work started.

4.) Hydrate Your Body

Hydration is another key area that goes with healthy eating. Truck drivers who aren’t adequately hydrated tend to be more groggy. Soda and coffee may help keep you awake, but they may bring more harm than good. Make sure to drink the necessary amount of water every day.

Because of the safety implications of handling big vehicles such as getting into road accidents, truckers are required to pass certain tests and training. Since their job may ask them to drive long hours, maintaining optimum health is definitely a must.