October 17, 2020

How To Capture The Best Shot For Moving Subjects?

How to capture the best shot for moving subjects depend on how you use your camera in addition to the right lighting.

It is often difficult to get the best out of your camera when you’re not familiar with it. That’s why it’s best to know your camera parts, their principle, and how they work so you can take the best shot, especially with moving subjects.

That’s why you should consider the following before you start clicking your camera:

Using Shutter Speed

You should use slow shutter speeds when photographing moving subjects. The reason for this is that you’re photographing objects at very fast speeds, and the human eye is more easily confused by these high-speed images.

Slow shutter speeds to help keep your subject from being blurred. This is especially important if you’re photographing people at a leisurely pace, such as during a stroll in the park or taking photos during the evening commute on your way home from work.

If you’re photographing an animal or a bird at a faster speed, it’ll seem blurred and will also make it difficult to capture its image in a moving scene. Try to take shots at about 200 frames per second as you’ll find that your subject will not move too much unless you snap the photo quickly.

Using Aperture

One way to properly use the aperture to capture moving subjects is to take the time to understand the principles involved. There are two basic methods for taking photos of moving subjects; you can use continuous aperture (the camera has apertures all at once) or aperture priority (the camera has different apertures for different light conditions).

Continuous aperture means that the shutter speed remains constant throughout the whole duration of the photoshoot. If you use this method for your moving subjects, the effect is that the entire picture is captured with constant shutter speed. However, this results in a blurred picture that can look somewhat distracting and difficult to use as it means that the entire subject will be taken in the same frame.

The other method of capturing moving subjects is called aperture priority. Here the camera has two different apertures that are used depending on the amount of light that hits it.

A more shallow aperture is needed for low light than a high aperture. The aperture can be adjusted to allow more light into the camera; however, it’ll be necessary to lower the shutter speed as the camera will have to use less light to capture the moving objects in the picture.

When trying to understand how to use aperture to capture moving subjects, you need to realize that the two methods will produce slightly different results. Therefore, you need to experiment a little bit to find out which one you prefer. You may also want to try shooting at different apertures to see what effect you get from using them. 

Using Lens

What lens to use to capture moving subjects is a question that’s often asked by amateurs who are out taking shots with their digital cameras. It doesn’t matter if you are photographing moving cars or moving birds. The reason is simple. You need to get the right focus on the subject as it moves. If you have the wrong focus, you’ll not see the subject well enough to photograph it properly. However, you need to understand some factors when you’re buying a lens.

The focal length refers to the distance between the center of the lens and the center of the camera sensor. The closer the focal length is to the sensor, the smaller the image. The larger the picture, the wider the lens. Your lens will be wider if the focal length is longer. Thus, you should get a wider lens for photographing moving subjects than your camera’s standard lens.


How to capture the best shot depends on how you frame your subjects, the shutter speed, aperture, and lens. If you understand the principles behind them, you’ll surely capture the best shot of any moving subject.


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