October 23, 2020

7 Tips to Taking Great Headshots for Your Flyers and Marketing Materials 

How your headshots look in your marketing materials can be the image that customers will think about your business. If your headshots look like it was taken using a low-quality camera, customers might think that your business also offers lousy products or services. If these headshots highlight a poorly dressed or grumpy employee, customers might think that your business has unprofessional and unaccommodating employees.

The images in your marketing materials can influence a customer’s decision on whether they should or shouldn’t do business with you. If you want the headshots used in your marketing materials to give you the benefits you want, pay attention to the following: 

1. Think about what you’ll wear 

How you look in your headshots can make or break your chances of making the most out of your marketing efforts. If you want your marketing materials to help you gain the traction you need, dress appropriately based on your brand or industry. For example, if you’re working in a bank, wearing a formal business attire can fit the bill. If your business is involved in the veterinary industry, wearing a white lab coat might be more appealing.  First impressions do last (even if it’s done in flyers and other marketing materials), so make sure that you’re wearing the right outfit. 

2. Be keen on your posture

Aside from the clothes you wear, your posture can also affect the image you’d like to portray in your headshots. Depending on the pose or angle, slouching when sitting or standing can imply that a person is too reserved, lacks self-confidence, or is timid. If you don’t want your business to portray any of these qualities, be keen on your posture. If you’re planning to take your headshots while standing, relax your shoulders, straighten your back, and make sure that your pelvis is aligned neutrally. If you’re going to take your headshots while sitting, maintain a straight back, keep your feet together, and place your hands on your lap. 

3. Keep your hair in place

Your hair is your crowning glory. Regardless of the length, texture, and style, it can drastically impact how you look. If you want to look professional in your headshots, take the time to keep your hair in place. If you’re a woman who has long hair, consider putting it up in a ponytail. You can also let your hair down as long as it’s neatly combed and doesn’t cover your face. For men, use gel or cream to style your hair. Your beard should also be trimmed or shaved days before the photo shoot. 

4. Use makeup sparingly

Regardless if you’re a man or woman, you should sparingly apply makeup for your headshots. For women, you can start by applying moisturizer and a thin layer of foundation or powder on your face. Add more color to your face by using blush and lipstick that complement your skin tone. For men, a moisturizer, powder, and lip balm will do. 

When applying any makeup, remember that it shouldn’t be too overpowering for your overall look. You should keep your makeup subtle so you can highlight all of your facial features, not the other way around. 

5. Don’t forget to smile

You don’t need to put up a grumpy or strong face just to let customers know that you mean business. Doing this will only create a very unwelcoming brand to your business and will drive customers away. Flashing a smile in your headshots can help your business steer away from this direction. Additionally, smiling is an easy way of letting customers know that they’ll be working with confident, happy, and accommodating employees once they choose your business. 

If you’re unsure of how your smile will look like in your headshots, practice in front of a mirror. Do this at home days before the scheduled photo shoot.  

6. Think about the location

Headshots can be taken in an indoor or outdoor location. Taking your headshots in either of these locations can impact the outcome of your photos. Taking headshots in an indoor setting can give your photos a more clean and professional look. Doing it outdoors allows more room for creativity and personalization. The latter is more suitable for businesses that are operating in the sports, health, and fitness niche.  

7. Work with professionals

Taking great headshots for your flyers and other marketing materials is a two-way street. It’s not enough that you’re the only person who pours in time and effort to look professional and inviting – the photographer you’re working with should also have the expertise, experience, and training to help you make the process easier. For starters, they should have the proper equipment to take great headshots. They should also make you feel at ease during the photo shoot so you can pose and smile better in front of the camera. That’s why you should choose someone who has professional photography lessons or certificates as proof that he’s well-trained.

Start scouting for photographers in your area and compare their prices and services. Doing this will help you determine the best photographers apt for your needs and budget. 

Small Details Create Big Impact 

Regardless of how strong your marketing strategies are, if you’re using a low-quality or unprofessional-looking headshots to implement these, all of your attempts will be worthless. As a business, you should pay attention to all the details that can affect the outcome of your headshots. Let this article be your guide so you can finally achieve the results you want from your marketing materials! 

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