Content Marketing 101: Is Blogging The Way To Go For Your Business?

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Today’s digital market means a business’ “survival” relies not just on how well they utilize today’s digital tools to meet their needs, but as to how quick they can adapt to modern and rising trends. In fact, whether or not you’re a neophyte or a vet in your niche and industry, chances are you’re always looking for ways to improve the way you present your brand to your audience. In this Content Marketing 101 crash course, let’s tackle the question: Is blogging the way to go for your business?

First, Some Numbers

If you’re in need of some quick numbers, folks at Hubspot actually conducted various studies into the nature of content marketing with one obvious proof: blogging is actually one of the highest-earning forms of marketing any business can tap into. Whether or not you’re a new business or someone in need of a digital marketing boost, blogging is the way to go. In fact, 53-percent of their marketer respondents rely on their blog content creation as their top marketing priority in terms of inbound strategies.Blog

In fact, on average, marketers for business-to-business (B2B) companies actually use 28-percent of their marketing budget to make sure they have some form of content marketing. Unfortunately, of these numbers, only 55-percent of these marketers are aware of what “successful” content marketing looks like for them, and only 30-percent of these marketers believe their company has utilized their content marketing strategies efficiently.

Given the above numbers, it may seem as though companies are taking advantage of content marketing – blogging, specifically – but they’re not meeting its full potential. If you’re one of those marketers or business owners still doubting the capacity of blogging to improve your overall business outlook, here are some more numbers for you:

  • The same Hubspot data indicates that companies that released more than 16 blog posts a month can actually get 3.5-times more traffic than most companies with just about four (4) monthly posts.
  • If you’re a B2B company, posting at least 11 articles a month can boost your chances of getting traffic thrice as much, and if you’re a business to consumer (B2C) company, doing the same may increase the odds to as much as four (4) times as much!

Of course, while these numbers do seem good on paper, you may wonder as to whether or not they’ll actually translate into good results when applied in real time. This much doubt is reasonable, given content marketing does take time before getting your returns. However, if you do plan on doing blogging for your business, here are other benefits it could get you aside from traffic:

  • Secure a foothold in the search engine optimization (SEO) game. When people think of the term “SEO,” they may associate the phrase with getting good traffic. This much is true, but in this case the emphasis is on “good.” Releasing relevant content to your audience at regular intervals not only creates more content for your company website, you also tell search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing that there’s new content to watch out for. Given enough time and the right “spread” of your articles, your traffic may eventually get you the conversions you need.
  • Create and nurture relationships with customers, prospects or otherwise. Blogging, like any form of marketing, aims to primarily convert leads into customers. This after all brings in the most returns for your business. You should however remember that establishing brand association and developing “trust” with your prospects also allows you to form a lasting relationship that may even become brand loyalty. This metric should be a consideration if you want to take up blogging: just what kind of returns are you looking for?
  • Establish your company as a leader in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “small” business or a large enterprise – the right content will get you the right kind of exposure you need. If your customers see your content as relevant to their interests, they will depend on you. If you get expert and valuable information out there, you’ll earn the respect and admiration of audiences in your niche.


The Takeaway: The Numbers Don’t Lie

When it comes to blogging for your business, always remember that it’s not entirely just about getting traffic. Remember, utilizing your blog properly for your content strategy means beyond just writing your blog, but rather understanding that it has potential to get you various forms of returns, quantitative and qualitative alike, given the above. Granted, it will take time for the returns to come to you, which also means you have to invest time properly into making your blogs worth the wait. Luckily, this is just the start of a huge series from yours truly that will allow you to take advantage of blogging for your business. Stay tuned!



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