Why It’s Time To Form A Content Marketing Strategy

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Content Marketing StrategyToday’s digital market opens a remarkable realm of possibilities not just to make products and services for everyone’s enjoyment, but for business approaches that can tap into society’s needs of fast yet reliable information from reliable sources. If you’re pegging your company to be a leader in your industry, it’s not enough for your digital marketing strategy to focus on conversion optimization and increasing your graphics game, but you’ve got to tap into your content marketing strengths as well. One of the surefire ways to do this is to make sure your content marketing is actually founded on a content marketing strategy.


Content Marketing Strategy: Planning In This Day And Age?

You might be frowning at the sight of a “strategy,” as of course the term implies having to plan what to do in an environment that requires you to constantly shift and adapt to new practices. However, in today’s world of many “fasts,” planning your content appropriately may actually be the key to ensure your foothold in your industry will be stable. Why? Let’s examine a few numbers:

1. Reading pays, albeit with the right content
. Let’s get things straight – reading actually pays, and it’s about time you write content that actually matters. According to Impact BND numbers, 77-percent of netizens actually read blogs, and small businesses that do have blogs can get 126-percent more growth in terms of leads compared to small businesses that don’t make use of content marketing. If you do own a small business, or if you do own a medium-to-large business, this means you’ve got to take advantage of your capacity to provide a service through related content.

      • This isn’t just because of traffic, either. According to Content Marketing Institute data, 61-percent of consumers in the United States actually purchased a product or a service after reading blog recommendations. This is because content marketing is very capable of building trust between a consumer and a brand.
      • In fact, compared to other methods of marketing, content marketing can produce six times as much conversions than traditional marketing methods.

Content Markering Plan

2. A content marketing plan, when done correctly, is not only cheap but extremely rewarding. This isn’t to speak in a philosophical sense, but in actuality. A Kapost-Eloqua study indicates that while paid search does have its perks for cost-effectiveness, content marketing is capable of getting thrice as many leads for every dollar spent on it. Not only that, it seems content marketing – when done properly – can have deeper benefits in the long-term.

Getting the right content out there may potentially generate more leads than outbound marketing. It costs 62-percent less, in fact, but can generate thrice as many leads.

3. Your consumers won’t be content with “just” content, it needs to be relevant to their needs. Society’s dependence on social media and the internet turned the entire marketing game in over its head, as the prevalence of social media as a tool also meant marketing needed to be more “social.” According to the Content Marketing Institute and Search Engine Land, content marketers should focus not just on informative content, but content that is “kind” in tone and at the same time something that meets their needs. If you can start making content that is empathetic to your consumers’ concerns, they may be more likely to stick to you as a brand.

This may also be due to a form of advertising overload due to marketers using the same “in your face” advertisement tactic over and over again. According to SJ Insights, the mere popularity of ad-blocking applications across over 615-million devices is proof that people are getting sick of advertisements. This means you’ve got to get your name out there in another way.

4. Your audience and consumer base is slowly getting younger, so you’ve got to adapt to survive. An adequate content marketing strategy is capable of meeting the demands of users not just across an industry, but across various demographics. Now is the perfect time to start, given that a Pew Research Center study last 2016 said half of their 18 to 49-year-old respondents are now relying on online means to get their information. This means today’s digital market is just as ripe for useful and relevant content from your company.


The Takeaway: It Takes Long-Term Planning For Long-Term Benefits

In today’s culture of “fast” everything, it may come as a surprise that things such as content marketing need to be planned so meticulously and yet appear like giving out slower returns. As explained above, the cost-efficient nature of content marketing makes up for its rather long planning process. However, when done correctly, this “long” planning process may also pave way to “longer” enjoyment of returns, especially not just with traffic, but with leads and conversions as well. If you’re thinking of tapping into content marketing as a focus of your digital marketing strategy, then hold on tight as we’re about to release a guide on how to write your first powerful blog.